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About us


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Contrologic Service Private Limited, envisioned a conglomerate based in Pune -India with diverse business interests that would serve the country, region and the world. This vision at establishment Contrologic Service Private Limited is to provide wide range of services in Network, Electrical, Building Automation, Integrated Engineering Solutions, Fire Detection, Fire Hydrant, Sprinkler Systems, Safety & Security Solutions. Establish in 2021. The confidence, dedication and optimism of our people best reflect Contrologic Service Private Limited vision and exceptional ability to deliver quality service. Through technology, innovation and professionalism, Contrologic Service Private Limited provides "Intelligent Solutions for a Modern World."..




Network, Fire Safety, Security & Building Automation

Contrologic Service Private Limited technical team is well equipped with the necessary infrastructure including transport, to provide timely assistance to customers and provide Quality Service, keeping in mind that security services are a specialized service and these clients require professional and personalized attention.
Contrologic Service Private Limited offers powerful and innovative solutions that protect people and property. To provide total security management solutions (TSMS), it integrates different technologies into one single platform for centralized monitoring and control. Contrologic Service Private Limited has core competency in the design and implementation of the state-of-the art security systems.
Further, Contrologic Service Private Limited has a team of technical professionals to execute projects with a clear focus on meeting customer's requirement. The technical team includes Technicians, Engineers and Managers who plan, schedule and execute the job as per the specifications and ensure that projects are completed on time while meeting desired standards.
Understanding the vital role of staff training, Contrologic Service Private Limited engineers and technicians are trained by its principals. Contrologic Service Private Limited has a support system to provide round the clock support to their customers as they believe that there is no compromise on safety and security issues.